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We will always do our best to make sure that the Gas is not harmful to you, your children or pets when working on gas. But occasionally when we
are leak detecting you may get small scents of gas.

Pro Tip: Did you know the smell of gas is manufactured so humans can notice the scent when there is a leak from your system. This is a safety precaution.

Call us FAST! – This could indicate an underground water leak or running tap, cistern or shower wasting water at your property – our leak detection and plumbing team will survey your home and grounds for water leaks and also inspect your plumbing fixtures and fittings for performance.

We can access your roof and provide a full inspection of either a tiled or “Colorbond” roof type together with a CCTV camera report on the downpipes and storm-water drains. We can then provide a report on its condition and make suitable recommendations to keep you dry. Our roofing plumbers are the best around. Our drain clearing machines will cut through most major drain blocks quickly and efficiently to get that storm-water flowing fast.

This could be a simple plunge of the toilet by our drain plumber or the main sewer drain may be blocked. All our vehicles have the latest drain cleaning equipment – jet blasters and electric eel machines to clear your drain fast and efficiently. If we cannot clear it manually we can utilise our drain jet machine and in most cases get the sewer line clear – however there are certain times when the blockage is so severe that the only option is to excavate and replace the pipe. We can confirm this by the use of our drain camera. Our plumbers have a great deal of experience in this type of work and we even have our own excavator on hand to easily dig out your old drains.

Yes this is no problem – it could be one of two causes. Firstly our plumber will pressure test your pipework and check for leaks on your pipes. The plumber will also test the waste to see if there are any concealed pipes leaking – if these are found we can then access the pipes / waste and carry out repairs to every type of pipe or waste. If the pipes are found not to be leaking then it is most likely to be a waterproofing issue which we can also repair via our bathroom renovations team who can waterproof and tile any installation with our full Hogans Plumbing back up guarantee. 

Call Hogans Plumbing gas specialists straight away – turn off the gas at your gas meter or cylinder, Turn off all appliances (including electrical) and pilot lights, Open all doors and windows for ventilation – only if safe to do so and extinguish all naked flames (do not smoke). Our Licensed Gas service technician will be on site as soon as possible and in most cases within a small amount of. He will carry out a full gas safety inspection and provide a gas certificate on completion of works. 

Emergency rooms across Australia are treating burns caused by hot water taps on a daily basis, usually in children. It is essential to have your hot water set at a safe level for all members of your family.

Your hot water system may have an external dial to set the temperature or it may be under the outer cover which will be an easy adjustment. The recommended temperature is 50 degrees Celsius. Some models display the temperature, however others just have a dial with no numbers leaving you to either guess or use you home thermometer to work it out . In some cases the best action is to install a tempering valve to ensure the hot and cold water is mixing correctly to deliver the desired water temperature.

Which ever method you need to use, enlisting the help of Hogans Plumbing to ensure it is done correctly.

Some advantages of water tank are:

  • They can save you money on water bills
  • You may be entitled to a government rebate
  • They are environmentally responsible
  • Your garden will always be the greenest in the street even during water restrictions
  • They will reduce your pool costs
  • Reduce the amount of electricity you need to heat water
  • Reduce your energy bills – the sun is free!
  • Reduce green house gas emissions generated by heating water
  • Roof mounted panels are aesthetically pleasing. No large tanks taking up space in your yard.
  • You may be eligible for a Solar Hot Water Rebate

The size of the hot water system will depend on your home’s water requirements.

Some factors to consider are –

  • How many people live in the house?
  • Do all the showers take place around the same time?
  • Do you have a dishwasher?
  • Do you have a spa?
  • How big is your washing machine?
  • Do you use the hot wash often?

General Questions

Simply YES! We insure for Public Liability, Product Liability and our important dedicated staff are also Insured. For more details on how we protect our staff and our clients please give us a call or email us today!

We value learning and passing of valuable skills to the youth of Australia and at Hogan’s Plumbing we want to encourage the high quality training of our apprentices, but know they are still learning so will never send an apprentice without a Qualified tradesman to make sure your work is completed to highest of standards.

Not you, that’s fore sure! We make the mess, we clean it up! Our team is trained to clean up all the mess after a job is completed.

Absolutely! All Hogans Plumbing workmanship is guaranteed!

If you need to be present on-site, or would prefer a reminder call for confirmation, Hogans Plumbing can call or text you half an hour prior to our arrival. We always do our best to be on time every time!

Of course. Hogans Plumbing believes in being courteous and providing superior service with free quotations.

Naturally. If you have time issues, are not in an emergency situation or involved in a more complex construction project, Hogans Plumbing can book forward schedules so your job runs smoothly.

Yes. Hogans Plumbing has facilities for Credit Card payment with Bankcard, MasterCard and Visa card. We can also extend direct debit facilitates to approved customers.

Yes. All Hogans Plumbing jobs can be quoted at a fixed price up-front, so we can work to a budget and avoid any mid-job surprises.

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