Gas Line Services

Gas Line/Pipe Installation and Repair

Our authorised plumbers can handle any job, big or small! At Hogans Plumbing, our Gas fitters are equiped to work on Gas Line/Gas Pipe Repairs and new installations. We have several techs dedicated for Commercial, Industrial and Residential.

Hogans Plumbing specialise in all types of repairs and installing relating to your gas line:

Gas Hot Water _ The most common type of household gas work includes gas hot water systems. If you are tired of running out of Hot Water and want endless, instant hot water we can recommend a continuous flow gas hot water heater installation.

Gas Heating _ The second biggest instal for us at Hogans Plumbing is Gas Heating! Keep your winters warm and cheap with the ever increasing price of electricity. We install gas heating systems and also repair where possible.

Gas Ovens _ Enjoy cooking  or have a business that relies on constant flow, without interruption, perhaps a restaurant? We install commercial fit-outs for Gas Lines in all types of business. We also install residential Gas ovens and line repairs.

Barbecues _ When you think summer do you think barbecues? Because we do! We install and repair all gas barbecues.

Leak Detection _ Smell something funny? That may not be the dog!  Did you know the smell of gas is manufactured so humans can notice the scent when there is a leak from your system. This is a safety precaution.  If you do suspect a gas leak call us right away for an emergency call out and our experienced gas safety experts.

New Gas Lines _ If you have never had gas and want to consider it, let our experts quote and crunch the numbers for you. Call us today.

Gas Repairs  _ If you need any type of repair call us to get a free quote. Not happy with a quote you already have? Provide us the original copy of a competitors quote and we will try to match or advise you if the work is sound. Some times you just need that second opinion, and we understand, so we are here to help!

Key Benefit of Gas

Did you know:

  • It’s environmentally friendly
  • Natural gas is reliable
  • It’s less costly compared to other fossil fuel energy sources


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