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Water Filtration And Treatment

You may be asking, “Why do I need a water filter?” Water can contain sediment, chemicals, and all sorts of impurities that affect the taste and smell of water. Installing a water filtration system can give you healthy, clean drinking water. And when water smells and tastes better, you’ll find yourself drinking more.



You want your baby to get the best start in life. Purified water eradicates harmful bacteria and impurities, so it’s ideal for use in baby formulas.


With fewer chemicals than tap water, using filtered water for washing vegetables and cooking pasta or rice is a healthier option.


Purified water tastes better, smells better and makes for a healthier drinking option for your pets in their drinking bowls. The quality of water is also never more important than in fish tanks. Fill them with purified water for a cleaner, fresher home environment for your pet fish.


Purifying water removes chlorine, so it’s better for your plants and herb garden, too.


Use chemical free, purified water in your kettle and instantly taste the difference.


Using filtered water is better for your home appliances, including your kettle and iron. It can even help to eliminate stains and build-up commonly caused by sediment that’s present in normal tap water.

Water Filtration

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10 Reasons to Filter Your Water

  • Drinking water is essential to your health.
  • Filtered water is more affordable than bottled water.
  • Filtered water is healthier than distilled water, alkaline water, and “vitamin” waters.
  • Filtered water tastes better than tap water.
  • Filtered water protects the body from disease and leads to overall better health.
  • Filtered water removes cryptosporidium and giardia from drinking water helping to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal disease by more than 33%.
  • Filtered water is important for children’s developing immune systems.
  • Water filters are the last line of defense between the body and over 2,000 known toxins that your municipalities may not be eliminating.
  • Filtered water is better for the environment than plastic water bottles.
  • Filtered Water improves skin hydration

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